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Swagelok Texas Mid-Coast

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Swagelok Foundations Tubing Installation Training

The Swagelok Foundations Tubing Installation Training seminar offers comprehensive training on tube fitting installation and tube bending. Learn the proper use, leak-tight installation and maintenance of Swagelok tube fittings. Correct installation is critical to run your fluid systems safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Foundations Tubing Installation Training


Course Modules:


Why Tubing?

  • Advantages of Tubing vs. Pipe
  • Pressure and Temperature Ratings
  • Material "Like for Like" Identification

Working With Tubing

  • Care and Handling
  • Cutting and Deburring
  • Routing and Support

Leak-Free Fitting Installation

  • New Assembly
  • Using the No-Go Gauge
  • Break and Remake
  • Other Common Fittings
  • Sealing on Threads

The Five Primary Reasons Fittings Leak

  • Under-tightening
  • Problems with Ferrules
  • Not Bottoming the Tubing
  • Not Properly Supporting Tubing
  • Intermixing Different Brands of Fitting

Tube Bending Fundamentals

  • Basic Bends- 90's, 180's, basic offsets
  • Accuracy- measuring, bending, direction
  • Bending Exercises

Ask your sales representative or email us for more information!

Two Training Dates Avaialble!

Register for Swagelok Texas Mid-Coast's Foundations Tubing Installation Training
happening Tuesday, June 12th and again Thursday, June 14th.