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Swagelok Texas Mid-Coast

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Field Engineering Services

Introducing Swagelok Texas Mid-Coast "Virtual Field Engineering"

Environmental factors have changed the way our industries need to conduct business. Swagelok Texas Mid-Coast is here to help.

 Our  Swagelok Field Engineers are here to work with your team onsite or in a virtual environment to evaluate, trouble-shoot, and advise on your toughest challenges. Whether you are onsite or working offsite remotely, Swagelok Texas Mid-Coast utilizes our team of engineers to work with you on whatever fluid system challenges you and your business are facing.


We have two Swagelok certified Field Engineers on-call, ready to help you and answer your questions. 

Combine that with our network of 50 Swagelok Field Engineers in North America to draw on (should we need additional resources to support this service), and you can trust that you and your facilities are in good hands. 


Key services that we can assist with include: 

  • Advising and trouble-shooting for Sample Conditioning Systems
  • Advising and trouble-shooting for Grab Sample Applications, including design and monitoring
  • All Analytical Instrumentation Applications, including extraction at the probe through to the analyzer
  • Process Instrumentation Applications
  • Regulator Applications including: Regulator sizing, Joule's Thompson effect calculations, phase diagrams, and heat transfer calculations for heated regulators


How can we connect?

We are here to help with your inquiries, issues, and trouble-shooting onsite or via phone and video technologies.